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Black Rose

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8.16 / 10
Average Prices: USD $700 to $1,600
Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company (1988-1999)
Produced: July, 1992
Production Run: 3,746 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
Players: 4
Design by: John Trudeau, Brian Eddy
Art by: Pat McMahon
Dots/Animation by: Scott Slomiany
Mechanics by: John Krutsch, Ernie Pizarro
Music by: Paul Heitsch
Sound by: Paul Heitsch
Software by: Brian Eddy
Black Rose is a pinball machine produced by Midway (released under the Bally name). Black Rose was released around the same time as The Addams Family pinball machine, whose production ran long, making Black Rose a rare game with few units. Black Rose seems to have some controversy on the group, with mixed views.

The basic idea of the game is to sink ships. The game features a rotating cannon situated underneath the playfield used to aim the ball at targets to award letters in the word "SINK SHIP". During multiball you also get letters for shooting flashing ramps. Once SINK SHIP is spelled, you load the cannon to light the center shot (the "Broadside") to get big points.

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Auction Results

Cost Location Date
USD $3,500 Georgia, United States 12 December, 2017
EUR 1,950 Poland 28 October, 2017
EUR 1,850 Germany 10 October, 2017
EUR 1,950 Germany 13 September, 2017
USD $1,595 Georgia, United States 25 November, 2016
USD $1,975 Georgia, United States 27 April, 2016
GBP 1,030 United Kingdom 14 February, 2016
USD $2,000 Wisconsin, United States 08 February, 2016
USD $2,690 Florida, United States 28 November, 2015
USD $2,200 California, United States 25 November, 2015

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Details News Wall Ratings Auction Results Pictures & Videos Marketplace Statistics

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