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Twilight Zone

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8.63 / 10
Average Prices: USD $1,700 to $4,200
Manufacturer: Midway Manufacturing Company (1988-1999)
Produced: 1993
Production Run: 15,235 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
Players: 4
Concept by: Pat Lawlor
Design by: Pat Lawlor, Larry DeMar, Ted Estes
Art by: John Youssi
Dots/Animation by: Scott Slomiany, Eugene Geer
Mechanics by: John Krutsch
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner, Rich Karstens
Software by: Larry DeMar, Ted Estes
Twilight Zone (often abbreviated TZ) is a 1993 widebody pinball game, designed by Pat Lawlor and released by Midway (under the Bally label). It is based on the classic TV series. This game is part of WMS SuperPin line of widebody games.

Following the huge success of The Addams Family pinball game, Midway gave Lawlor full creative control over the design of his next game, and the result is what many pinball enthusiasts consider to be "the most complex pinball game ever designed". Among its noted features include a working Gumball machine (which deposits balls), a working analog clock (used as a timer for various modes), the Powerfield (a small separate playfield where the ball is propelled by magnets rather than flippers), and the "Powerball", a white ceramic ball which is lighter than a regular steel ball and is non-magnetic.

In addition to adapting the theme music from the original TV show, the game's main background music is a remix of the 1982 hit "Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring.

This game was originally supposed to be the first game to use Williams / Midway's DCS Sound System, but because the DCS board was still in development when the game was released, it instead used the Yamaha YM2151 / Harris CVSD sound board.

Single-Ball Modes
Twilight Zone features fifteen single-ball "modes", most of which can be stacked (one mode can be started while any number of other modes are in progress). Fourteen of these modes are presented as door panels in the center of the playfield. The ultimate goal of the game is to light all of the door panels and start "Lost in the Zone", the game's wizard multiball mode which comprises the doorknob.

The game provides several ways to light door panels: Shoot the Slot Machine when lit, shoot the Player Piano when lit, or defeat the Power in the mini-playfield. Shooting the Slot Machine starts a random unlit door panel mode, while the other two methods start the door panel that is currently flashing.

The door panels are as follows:
The one single-ball mode not accounted for by the door panels is "Battle the Power". The door panel by the same name merely lights the right ramp. To actually play the "Battle the Power" mode, the player must shoot the right ramp when the shot is lit. The ball moves to the raised mini-playfield to the left of the main playfield, and the player must then direct the ball into the top hole within a set time limit. The mini-playfield utilizes two medium-power magnets that act as flippers (dubbed "Magna-Flips"). (Note: Since the Powerball isn't magnetic, when the game "knows" the Powerball is the only active ball, the "Battle the Power" mode becomes unavailable until a regular ball becomes active. However, the "Battle the Power" mode can be lit while the Powerball is active.) If the ball falls through the bottom hole or time runs out, the player is awarded whatever bonus points were accumulated during the mode. If the player succeeds in shooting the ball through the top hole, the award is doubled and the currently highlighted door panel mode is started. (This will start "Lost in the Zone" if all door panels have been started.)

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GBP £4,900 China 14 December, 2017
GBP £3,750 United Kingdom 29 November, 2017
USD $7,500 California, United States 30 October, 2017
USD $6,701 Maryland, United States 16 October, 2017
GBP £3,650 Norwich, United Kingdom 01 October, 2017
USD $7,995 California, United States 27 September, 2017
USD $6,800 Texas, United States 22 September, 2017
EUR €3,343 Germany 19 August, 2017
USD $6,300 California, United States 06 August, 2017
USD $8,299 California, United States 24 June, 2017

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