Safe Cracker

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4.02 / 5
Average Prices: USD $1,700 to $5,100
Manufacturer: Bally
Produced: March, 1996
Production Run: 1,148 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC-95
Players: 4
Concept by: Pat Lawlor
Design by: Pat Lawlor
Art by: John Youssi
Dots/Animation by: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Mechanics by: John Krutsch, Carl Biagi
Music by: Dan Forden
Sound by: Dan Forden
Software by: Matt Coriale
Safecracker is a pinball machine with a safecracking theme, designed by Pat Lawlor, and distributed by Midway (under the Bally label). It was created in 1996. About 1148 were manufactured. Safecracker differs from a standard pinball game in that the player is playing against the clock as opposed to having a certain number of balls available. If the player loses a ball, as long as there is time left on the clock they can continue playing.

The machine is smaller in size than a standard pinball machine. The main objective of the game is to break into the bank's safe. The game can be broken into 3 areas of play:

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USD $6,600 United States 26 January, 2021
GBP 3,655 Balcombe, United Kingdom 14 September, 2020
GBP 2,800 United Kingdom 05 December, 2019
USD $7,350 United States 23 October, 2019
USD $6,500 Indiana, United States 25 September, 2019
USD $8,499 California, United States 23 August, 2019
USD $7,000 United States 22 July, 2019
GBP 3,500 Mitcham, United Kingdom 09 February, 2019
USD $8,799 California, United States 29 January, 2019
USD $7,300 United States 26 August, 2018

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