Medieval Madness

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4.23 / 5
Average Prices: USD $5,300 to $10,000
Manufacturer: Williams
Produced: June, 1997
Production Run: 4,016 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC-95
Players: 4
Design by: Brian Eddy
Art by: John Youssi, Greg Freres
Dots/Animation by: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Mechanics by: Robert C. Friesl
Music by: Dan Forden
Sound by: Dan Forden
Software by: Lyman F. Sheats Jr.
Medieval Madness is a Williams pinball machine released in June 1997. Designed by Brian Eddy and programmed by Lyman Sheats, Medieval Madness (often abbreviated MM in the pinball collecting community) had a production run of 4,016 units. It was an immediate critical and popular success, earning well on location and achieving widespread popularity among collectors. Demand for the machine soon outstripped supply significantly, and as of 2005 Medieval Madness machines often sell for prices well in excess of $5,000, sometimes much higher if in pristine condition (when purchased new in 1997, the machine cost approximately $3,000). A re-run of the production was announced by The Pinball Factory (who bought the rights for the game) to start 2007.

The centerpiece of the playfield is an animated castle with a solenoid-controlled portcullis and motorized drawbridge. One of the game's primary objectives is to "destroy" six castles by hitting the castle's entryway with the pinball. A specific number of hits will lower the drawbridge, exposing the portcullis; additional hits will cause the portcullis to rise, and shooting the ball into the castle entrance generates an explosion effect on the dot matrix display, a lightshow, and a sizable award of points. Medieval Madness also features two Trolls, animated targets that are normally concealed below the playfield, but can pop up during certain gameplay modes. Other objectives can be scored by shooting the left and right ramps, the left and right orbits, and the catapult ramp in the lower left corner of the playfield. The game's ramps introduced a patented feature that would prevent a failed ramp shot from draining straight down the middle between the flippers.

Missions: In order to get to the Wizard Mode "Battle for the Kingdom" one has to achieve the following goals:
All these goals have to be repeated several times to get the corresponding insert in front of the castle to light up.


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