No Fear: Dangerous Sports

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3.85 / 5
Average Prices: USD $800 to $2,000
Manufacturer: Williams
Produced: May, 1995
Production Run: 4,540 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC Security (WPC-S)
Players: 4
Concept by: Steve Ritchie
Design by: Steve Ritchie, Greg Freres, Dwight Sullivan, Matt Coriale
Art by: Greg Freres
Dots/Animation by: Scott Slomiany, Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
Mechanics by: Carl Biagi
Music by: Dan Forden, Vince Pontarelli
Sound by: Dan Forden
Software by: Matt Coriale
No Fear: Dangerous Sports is a 1995 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams. It is based on the clothing line. This game has an extreme sports theme.

Launch options
When a new ball is launched into the plunger, you are given five launch awards, which is selected when the ball is fired. Unless otherwise noted, the ball is launched through the Skydive lane. Another ball is popped from the right scoop and onto the right inlane.
The goal in this game is to complete the five main challenges in order to qualify for the Major Challenges:
Major Challenges
After completing the main challenges, the major challenges are lit. They can only be started by shooting the Skull scoop. With the exception of the first challenge, major challenges can only be started by completing the letters in "NO FEAR".

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GBP 1,000 Ilminster, United Kingdom 30 March, 2024
EUR 4,849 Austria 07 December, 2023
USD $4,195 United States 22 July, 2023
USD $3,900 United States 06 March, 2022
EUR 3,250 Austria 13 March, 2021
USD $2,500 United States 26 February, 2021
USD $3,795 United States 20 February, 2021
GBP 2,150 Uttoxeter, United Kingdom 05 December, 2020
AUD $5,450 Victoria, Australia 15 September, 2020
AUD $4,511 Victoria, Australia 15 September, 2020

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