Star Wars Episode I

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3.73 / 5
Average Prices: USD $1,400 to $3,000
Manufacturer: Williams
Produced: June, 1999
Production Run: 3,525 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams Pinball 2000
Players: 4
Concept by: John Popadiuk
Design by: John Popadiuk
Art by: Kevin OConnor, Paul Barker, Dave Mueller
Dots/Animation by: Alan Cruz
Mechanics by: Jack Skalon, Bob Brown
Music by: Eric Pryzby
Sound by: Eric Pryzby
Software by: Cameron Silver, Duncan Brown
Star Wars Episode I is a 1999 pinball game released by Williams and the second (and last) machine to use the Pinball 2000 hardware platform. It is based in the Star Wars film The Phantom Menace.

Last game manufactured by WMS industries (Williams and Bally labels) before the announcement to close their doors on October 25, 1999. The jet bumper rule of the 1.4 software reminds players of that date. (The number of points for spelling Jar Jar is 19,992,510; This is the date 25-10-1999, the same day WMS announced the closing of their pinball branch).

The game was also available as a conversion kit for Revenge From Mars which included a Star Wars Episode I playfield, game ROMs, manual, cabinet decals, translite and a manual plunger.

The goal of the game is to become a Jedi Spirit. To reach the Spirit level one must battle through Youth, Knight, and Master levels, fighting Darth Maul in a light saber battle at each level. To get to the duel one must spell "J-E-D-I" by completing the various modes started at the Holoprojector or being randomly awarded a letter through various other means. The included modes are:
Multiball is started by putting a ball into each of the saucers (Mos Espa Market and Watto’s Junk Shop). If more than one player is playing it is possible to “steal” the other players multi-ball prep work. It's also possible to shoot the active ball into a saucered ball so both come flying back. Useful in a multiplayer game, less so in a single player (and absolutely horrible if it happens during a Jedi Battle).

When multiball is started, the center target lights up for a 1,000,000 jackpot. If 2 (or 3 if the ball saver is still running) balls drain without making the first jackpot one will be offered the opportunity to restart the multiball by shooting either saucer. Note that the restarted multiball is only two balls, but allows to hit the skill shot again.

The pattern for jackpots:
After one has lost two of the three balls in play, the multiball ends and the saucers go dark. To relight the saucers one needs to hit either saucer once for each multiball that has been started. So to lock the ball in the Junk Shop for the second multiball, one first needs to hit either the Junk Shop or the Market once first.

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