Fish Tales

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3.98 / 5
Average Prices: USD $800 to $2,300
Manufacturer: Williams
Produced: October, 1992
Production Run: 13,640 units
Machine Type: Solid State Electronic
MPU: Williams WPC (Fliptronics 2)
Players: 4
Concept by: Pat McMahon, Python Anghelo, Mark Ritchie
Design by: Mark Ritchie
Art by: Pat McMahon
Dots/Animation by: Scott Slomiany
Mechanics by: Jack Skalon
Music by: Chris Granner
Sound by: Chris Granner
Software by: Mark Penacho
Fish Tales is a 1992 pinball game designed by Mark Ritchie (the younger brother of acclaimed pinball designer Steve Ritchie) and released by Williams.

Notable Features

Game Modes
Stretch the Truth: When lit, scores 1 tale (for end-of-ball bonus, and the current set of 4 is displayed under the stringers) per Stringer you have hit before the award times out. The value of your fish ranges from 0-5M per fish. 4 tales starts a 30 second Rock the Boat.

Feeding Frenzy: There are 4 purple fish you need to hit. One on each of the ramp shots, one along the Long Cast, and one at the spinner. You have 15 seconds to hit a fish for 5M points. Doing so gives you another 15 seconds to hit the next one, etc., until you have 15 seconds to hit the last fish for 20M points (a total of 35M).

Rock the Boat: For a certain amount of time (20 seconds from the captive ball award; 30 seconds for 4 tales), each boat shot counts 10M (including U-turns).

Video Mode: Lit by hitting the 2nd value on the captive ball. Shooting the eject hole will start it, and you have to shoot boats with water skiers going across the screen at 3 different distances.

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AUD $6,945 New South Wales, Australia 01 January, 2024
GBP 3,500 Brownhills, United Kingdom 03 December, 2023
EUR 4,110 Germany 29 January, 2023
EUR 3,960 Germany 05 November, 2022
USD $5,000 United States 13 October, 2022
USD $5,300 United States 09 September, 2022
GBP 3,000 Torquay, United Kingdom 20 August, 2022
EUR 4,765 Germany 09 August, 2022
GBP 3,750 United Kingdom 24 July, 2022
USD $7,990 United States 30 May, 2022

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